about m. mace

who i am

I’m an empath, and romance and mental health are my jam.

Mental health has always been close to my heart, but I felt a dire need to learn more and to understand the depths of its reach.

So, I went back to school and got educated, and now I have degrees in psychology and marriage and family counseling.

The knowledge I gained there, mixed with the emotional being I’ve always been, gives me the substance to create real romantic fiction.

Writing these stories, and shining light on the effects of trauma and mental health is my purpose, because everyone deserves love.

what i offer

I write realistic love stories with relatable independent heroines, sexy self-made men, and the undeniable passion between them. The story may be fictional, but the emotions are real.

Real. Raw. No fairy tale fluff.
Because that’s life.

Romance. Passion. Steam.
Because love is amazing.

Happily ever after. Every single time.
Because my characters deserve it,
no matter what they’ve been through.
Everyone deserves happiness.

I’ll take you on an emotional journey that breaks your heart, but I’ll piece you back together with a guaranteed HEA. That’s a promise.

Why i do it

Life is love, and love is tough. The act of loving may seem simple, but giving in, letting go, and making it work is no small feat. My characters aren’t perfect, because humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes we let fear control us. Fear of the unknown, and fear of the past.

Vulnerability isn’t easy, and trust is often coveted, withheld, and broken. We linger in self doubt and regret, and sometimes, giving up and settling for mediocrity, seems like the safest bet.

But taking chances and facing adversity head on, can often help us reclaim who we are, and push us to go after what we want.

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