One moment can alter your life. One memory can darken your future. One man can change your world … for better or for worse. After one night left her broken and scared, Melody struggles to navigate through normal life. But what happens when long-lost friend, Bennett Hayes, enters her life and makes her question what she wants, and what she can handle?


All I feel is terror. Terror and his hot breath against the back of my neck.”

Haunted by a night that has followed her since she was seventeen, Melody Amato lives a methodical life, avoiding unpredictable outcomes and, above all else, men. Determined to start over and escape the terror that consumes her, she plans to leave her hometown and find a new beginning somewhere else—somewhere safe—far away from her eternal nightmare. As Melody counts down the days until she can leave Southern Maryland, long-lost friend, Bennett Hayes, blows into town, making her question everything she thought she wanted.

The undeniable attraction between Melody and Bennett has her wondering if she can bury her secret and live a normal life, one without fear or regret. But when she attempts to let her guard down and give Bennett a chance, her past refuses to let her go. Torn between an unpredictable future and an unforgiving past, Melody must decide if she will run or take a leap of faith. But suffering in silence is no easy task, and her secret threatens to destroy any chance she may have at happiness and love.

what readers are saying

I could not put it down. I didn't just feel the characters, I sank into them... It was like I was an avatar living their lives. Seriously... I loved everything about this book! Melody's conflict, Bennett's desire, Nat's rage, Lena's loyalty... even Tammy's poor attempts at parenting. I felt it all keenly like I was there!

Jaycee R.

Hands Off isn’t just another love story. It’s raw. It’s real. You’re there. Mace finds emotional wounds you may not have realized existed, or had long forgotten, and tears them open, leaving you vulnerable all over again. Just when you think you may not be able to claw through, she gifts you with the gravitational pull of Melody and Bennett. I can’t wait to see where she takes the series.

Ashley S.

Melody’s way of thinking was painfully realistic to the point that I had to remind myself that I’m not actually going through the same type of hurt that she’s in. The perfectly created chemistry and sexual tension between Bennett and Melody was presented early in the book making it an impossible task to stop reading. I had a great time reading this!

Kyla L.

Sigh... this author is going to be someone to watch. This book will tug at you as a person, a woman, and as a book lover. The author is so sensitive to the trauma that Melody experienced, and the blossoming of her and Bennett’s relationship was just well done. The book was well written, kept me enthralled and I already want to read the second book in the series.

Lori R.

Hands Off is a beautiful, emotional, quiet read where I found myself slowing down, even pausing to savor the words flowing across the page. There is a such an ease to her prose, and her characters are fleshed out and, yes, so very real and likeable (villains aside). I was looking for an engrossing, slow burn, emotional read, and Hands Off definitely hit the spot for me.

Tempest P.